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05 November 2012


In July I visited the beautiful colonial city of Zacatecas, capital of the state of Zacatecas in mid-northern México. I went with my cousin Andrea Julieta and her boyfriend Roy to visit their old friend (and my new friend) Martín. We were only there overnight and I unfortunately got a bad case of gastritis when we were out having drinks. But overall, I had a wonderful time.

En Julio visité la hermosa ciudad colonial de Zacatecas, capital del estado del mismo nombre. Fui con mi prima Andrea y su novio Roy a visitar a un amigo de ambos (y ahora mío), Martín. Sólo estuvimos dos días y lamentablemente me dio una gastritis horrenda que por poco nos arruina la salida nocturna. Pero a pesar de eso, la pasé muy bien.

Mina El Edén
Fun fact: Mina El Edén is a unique tourist attraction that is part mineral mine with guided tours by day and part underground dance club by night. The night club's season unfortunately started a couple of weeks after our visit, but I hear it's quite an exciting thing to do. I hope to go back soon specifically to check that out. 

Dato curioso: La Mina El Edén no es una mina normal, ya que dentro de ella yace un club nocturno único en el mundo. Lamentablemente no pudimos ir, pues la temporada del antro-bar comenzaba poco después de nuestra visita, pero espero volver pronto para conocerlo.

View from the funicular.

Francisco "Pancho" Villa


  1. "...to visit their old friend (and my new friend) Martín" Aaaaw!!!!!!! That really made me happy!!!

    Let's go again !!!!!!

    Road trip!!!!!!!

    1. Yes!! Let's go again, so we can go to the mine club and have some scotch. I miss you guys so much!!