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29 April 2011

Dance the night away

Yes, that first pic is the view from our hotel room. Yes, we were looking pretty hot. Friday night spent dancing at Haze, Aria. Jennifer Lopez's "On the Floor" was playing as we walked in. A perfect start to an awesome weekend.

Sí, la primera foto es de nuestra vista desde el cuarto de hotel. Sí, las chicas se veían súper guapas, lo sé. El viernes la pasamos bailando en Haze, antro en Aria. Nuestra entrada perfecta mientras tocaban "On the Floor" de Jennifer Lopez. Un comienzo perfecto a un fin de semana en Las Vegas.


  1. Oh.my.god! You were looking awesome! Seems like you stole the night at the place. Also, nice pics. :)

  2. Nice pictures! And Frances, drinking "water on the rocks" good girl! lol