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16 May 2013

A Disney Birthday ♥

As the trolley pulled away, with Mickey on board, this lovely young man said into his microphone: "Happy Birthday!" and waved at me. At me! :D 

Once a Disney kid, always a Disney kid. There is no better way to celebrate your 25th birthday (or any birthday, really) than at The Happiest Place on Earth. I just went to Disneyland a few weeks ago, and I hadn't been to Disney California Adventure in 5 years, so it was an easy choice to make. Plus, there's less to do at California Adventure and both parks closed at 9 p.m., so it was the smarter choice as well. My sister, Adriana, missed a class to spend the day with me and oh, it all worked out so perfectly.

We arrived promptly at 10 a.m. and I got a birthday pin to wear all day, a pin that elicited many sweet "Happy Birhtday!"s from cast members, parade characters, and even a few of the other guests of the park. The weather was hot (95 degrees Fahrenheit), but perfect for a beer at Paradise Pier. I bought myself a Mickey-eared baseball cap as soon as we got inside the park. We started the day by "checking in" to the Tower of Terror and continued it with Aladdin, Ariel, Buzz, Woody, Mickey, Sully, and three turns on the California Screamin' roller coaster.

Near the end of the day, tired but a little sad that the magic was almost over, my sister and I headed over to Starbucks where I got my caffeine fix and more love from the barista who wrote "Happy Birthday!" on the cutest Starbucks cup ever. We then rushed over to an ice cream truck to get a Mickey-shaped vanilla and chocolate covered popsicle and headed to our last stop of the day: World of Color.

I'm not gonna lie, World of Color almost made me cry. I think that as I see my childhood slip away forever, I am desperate to cling to whatever bits of it I can. Disney makes it easy to have a part of you remain a child forever, and that's perhaps the best thing about that wonderful, magical world.

13 minute wait to drop 13 floors on the 13th of May!

Always too excited to see Mickey!!

Beer break!


The Toy Story ride is SO MUCH FUN!
Happy ring♥

Disney Nature

Pixar Play Parade!

That toy soldier was heading over to high-five me for my birthday. Jiji

Hat hair and chocolate lips.

♫ It's a Woooorld of Colooor ♫

Pics from Adi and my phones. ♥


  1. You're so pretty!!! It was the best 25th birthday I've ever been a part of :D Love you!!

  2. Me encantan las hermanitas Disney! son hermosas!

  3. You can barely tell it was a 1000 degrees! I miss the days when Disneyland had the free birthday promotion. That was fun and it's nice when all the cast members tell you happy birthday, [name].

  4. wow Que bonitas fotos, todas estan hermosas, pero falte yo!!

  5. Muy bonitas todas las fotos, lastima q no entendi la descripcion,jijiji, bueno una que otra cosa, pero las fotos me encantaron, como siempre se ven super lindas, pero con el mickey mouse, mmm, muy Buena foto, que bueno que se la hayan pasado tan divertidas monillas, FELICIDADES MI FATY!! TE AMO CON TODO MI CORAZON!!

  6. Me encantó que festejaras en Disney !!! Yo que festejé nuestro aniversario fui feliz por todas las felicitaciones que nos daban... supongo que cuando es tu cumpleaños es extra especial!!!! Podría comentar cada una de las fotos cosas como ¿en Carsland si entraron al juego de las carreras? ... California screamin!!!!!!!!!! ... el soldado te saludo!!!! .... 13. 13. 13 !!! ... sus outfits!!! yo quiero una ida a los parques en época de calor (aunque odio el calor)... ya disfrutaron de starbucks en Disney!!!! ... !!!!!! y mucho más!!!

    No estuve físicamente pero sí de corazón!!! Que gran cumpleaños con la mejor compañía del mundo!!!!!